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Sat 30 Sep 2017

Chobham RFC
Guildfordians RFC

After an impressive start to the season with a decisive win over Cranleigh, the 2XV travelled to Chobham seeking to continue their winning campaign.

Guildfordians started the game off impressively, thundering downhill with strong runs from the centres Dave Pollard and James Cope, before a quick-tap penalty led to Dan Collins blasting through the line for the first try; 0-7.

Chobham stormed back up the pitch and despite some impressive defending from wingers Tom Bisset and Ian McCarthy, the opposition's quick hands meant that they went over for a try.

Solid defending from Chobham, coupled with ill-discipline around the ruck areas meant that Guildfordians weren't able to fully capitalise on their downhill advantage. This was despite sniping runs from Jack Holland and Ben (Burt) Reynolds who kept the oppo on their toes. Guildfordians headed into the second half 5-7 and knew that they had a large task ahead of them.

Great strength in the scrum and breakdowns from Matt Walsh, Dempsey and Simon Davies gave Guildfordians the platform to run a variety of set plays. Storming rucking from the debutant Danny Bailey put Chobham on the back foot and they were unable able to establish a significant foothold in the game. Guildfordians kept it tight and a crash ball saw an electric Patrick Coyne smash through the gain line before touching down for the second try of the game; 5-12.

The extended second half began to take its toll on the Guildfordians defence before some silky individual work from the opposition scrum-half meant that Chobham were able to score two quick tries within 10 minutes. The visitors were down 12-17 and needed to dig deep to get back in the game. Fantastic defensive plays from the back 3 of Alex Symington, Michael Collet and Flo Mouss meant that Chobham weren't able to break the gain line again. Quick ball from Paul Dingley saw the ball spun wide onto another debutant, George Sutcliffe, who scored to make it 17-17.

A break in play with two and a half minutes to go saw another rallying cry from the Captain with some insightful tactics delivered by the coach, Rob Randall. Guildfordians decided to keep it tight and central as they stormed up the pitch with dominance. An infringement by the Chobham flanker meant that Guildfordians had a penalty inside the opposition '22 as the last play of the game. With the weight of the team on his shoulders, skipper Toby Finnis coolly slotted the kick and led the mighty 2XV to a second successive win in as many weeks.

MoM goes to Paul Dingley who controlled the game from start to finish and gets better with age like a fine wine.

DoD goes to Matt Davis who had a great game in the forwards despite claiming to be a winger for 10 years!

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