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Guildfordians Minis Festivals

We run two minis festivals each year in September/October and March, this year we are also running a girls festival. The dates of our next festivals are:

8th March 2020

Guildfordians Festival Team Entry Form
Guildfordians Festival Player Registration Form

Future dates are :
27th September 2020
14th March 2021

Minis Festivals
Typically we have 1,500 players attending from ages U7s to U11s, from across Surrey and the wider region.
We are very proud of the positive feedback our festival receives. Whatever the weather (and we have had the full range from wet and cold to warm and sunny), and win or lose, it is our aim to ensure that all the players have a good day of rugby and go home happy.

In accordance with current Surrey RFU guidance, team entry to the 2019/2020 season festivals will be as follows:
All teams unstreamed

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our festival organiser email : for details.
Entry is by way of our festival entry form only accompanied by payment. Entries are dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to the discretion of Guildfordians RFC. Entry forms can be downloaded from here (please ensure you have the correct form):

When you are communicating with the Festival Organiser, can you please indicate the CLUB & AGE GROUP on whose behalf you are writing. This will avoid any confusion, and unnecessary delay in responding to your enquiry.

Further information for those attending one of our festivals

Registration is at 9:30 at the applicable age control desk. The festival starts at 10:00 - prompt.

With a large number of players and teams, please make every effort to have teams ready at the scheduled times to allow the smooth running of the event.
Please make sure that you arrive in good time, remembering that parking can be quite distant (see below). Any team not ready in time to play may forfeit a match to their opponent.

Player Registration
Please complete one Player Registration form for each team entered and hand it to the age group control at the Festival.

Referees & Referees' Meetings
Referees' meetings will take place at 9:45 at the applicable age control desk.
Each team must bring one referee. Any team who fails to provide a referee may be excluded from the festival.
We would ask that all referees are ready at the relevant time to referee a match - delays in the programme most often occur because the allocated referee cannot be found. Many thanks.
Once we understand who is progressing from the group stage to the finals, we may require an independent referee to officiate these late matches. We have been held up previously in trying to locate such an independent referee. Can nominated referees please be prepared to be asked to assist with this.
Further notes for referees are below, please would all referees familiarise themselves with these before the tournament.

Festival Pitches (Provisional)
Festival pitch map showing the location of the various pitches and facilities.

Player Welfare
Stoke Park can get quite windy and therefore cold particularly if wet. We cannot provide shelters for visitors. All visiting teams must ensure that they have adequate shelter for players and that the players are suitably clothed.

Festival Directions and Car Parking
Directions to Guildfordians RFC.
Provisionl Car Parking locations are :

  • North Car Park (grass area next to Spectrum Leisure Centre ) unless it has been raining
  • Guildford Technical College Car Park
  • Guildford Lido Car Park
  • George Abbot School

Please do not park on the grass verges, paths, yellow lines or in residential roads around Stoke Park, and allow plenty of time (at least 20 mins) to park and get to the correct part of Stoke Park.
At previous festivals we have had some drivers who have disregarded this request, which has prompted complaints from the Council and a threat to not allow us to run further festivals. Parking therefore will be monitored closely and we reserve the right to exclude from the festival any team that does not respect this request. Additionally, Traffic Wardens will be patrolling the area.

Codes of Conduct
All players, coaches and parents are asked to abide by the applicable Codes of Conduct.
We reserve the right to exclude from any game or the festival any player, coach, spectator, team or club whose conduct is not in accordance with the Codes of Conduct.

Any Problems?
If you experience any problems or have any complaints please raise them immediately with a Guildfordians coach and/or the Guildfordians Festival Organiser, so that we can attempt to address the issue immediately.

Notes for referees

Surrey is now moving to the New Rules of Play for U11s and below. See
For a one-page summary see GRFC Summary Festival Rules

Important: Safety
We are keen that our festival is run as safe event and ask that referees and coaches are particularly diligent in enforcing the regulations.

  • Hand-off or fending off an opponent in any way is not allowed. It is important to note that a hand-off/fend off is defined as "ANY movement of the hand, arm or ball to ward off a would-be tackler."
  • High tackles should be deemed as dangerous play and a penalty awarded.
  • Barging a player into touch will not be considered a fair tackle.
  • Repeated offences should be penalised

Important: Fair Play
At Guildfordians we put high values on fair-play and good sportsmanship. Accordingly, any behaviour not in accordance with our codes of conduct including any abusive conduct towards referees will not be tolerated. We ask that referees work together with Guildfordians' coaches to achieve a good rugby playing environment. If any incident occur please inform one of our coaches or officials as soon as possible.
You have the authority and the support of Guildfordians to exclude such player, coach, spectator or the entire team from the match.

In particular:-
As referees you have authority over the pitch - if there is inappropriate behaviour by a spectator please take such action as you deem appropriate. If you experience any abuse from any player, coach or spectator.

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